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  Mind Blowing!!!  Dr. Tenpenny gives the best, simple to understand, medical/scientific explanation of why the COVID Vaccine will kill the millions of people who get it.  If you have taken it, this is your come to Jesus moment, as you only have months to live! Click on this link:


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                                                          THE STARTLING  TRUTH ABOUT THE CORONA VACCINES

The lies, greed and serious deadly danger of the rushed to market vaccines that have skipped the animal trials and the critical third phase of the human trials, just so they can start pushing the needle into people and tell them they are “safe”, when it is clearly not.

Each family of viruses has their own specific characteristics and the Corona virus family, unlike other viruses (like Measles, Mumps and Smallpox), has not been “tamed”.  There are two important types of antibodies produced in vaccine trials. The good, “neutralizing antibodies” and the deadly “binding antibodies”The entire Corona virus family has always produced a significant amount of the deadly “binding antibodies” without fail.  Thus, rendering all Corona Virus vaccines unusable and extremely dangerous historically.  And they have been trying to make a successful vaccine for the Corona family of viruses for decades!


The way the binding antibodies work is that they must first be developed on the cells of the subject (following the initial injection).  The messenger RNA (mRNA) they are using in this “trial” is going into the cells and programming them to coat the outer parts of the cells with proteins.  Within these proteins are the deadly binding antibodies.  [So, when Bill Gates says the next pandemic will be at least ten times worse, this is how he can make his prediction!]   The subject is fine, until a sufficient number of viruses invade their body (or they are injected with a follow-up injection containing a specific amount of the virus).  Once this happens the virus literally rapidly multiplies and goes wild, viciously attacking its host, aided by the binding antibodies that accelerate the destruction of the subject’s cells by helping the virus to penetrate, replicate and spread much more rapidly than the subject’s immune system can possibly respond to defend against. So, the few that have died with the initial vaccine is literally nothing compared to what is coming, when they start adding the virus to the follow-up injections.


The outward physical signs are a high fever spike, convulsions, seizure and death, usually within a couple hours of the lethal follow-up injection that introduced the virus into the subject.


Corona viruses all fall into this category.  Rushing the vaccine to the marketplace, skipping the animal trials altogether and deliberately bypassing the critical third phase of the normal trial sequence, as they use humans as their literal guinea pigs, has been medically and scientifically reprehensible and completely irresponsible. 


And we wonder why the same politicians that demanded this be done, also gave the vaccine manufacturers complete legal immunity?!?


Further, they knew normal, safe doses of the antiviral drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin (used safely and effectively all over the world for years) was the CURE.  But if you have a CURE, then you cannot issue a vaccine.  So, they conveniently ran a couple of studies using toxic mega doses of HCQ, then told everyone it was “unsafe”.  It was the equivalent of having someone swallow ten bottles of Tylenol and then banning Tylenol as “unsafe” for use.  And the elites and their political hacks did all this while openly taking HCQ themselves when they got the virus!


One last point:  If you take the vaccine, then supposedly you are “safe” (can’t get the virus and can’t spread it – which has already been proven to be a complete lie, but let’s accept this con for a moment for the sake of the argument) So, you are “safe”.  But I don’t take the vaccine, then I’m the one who is supposed to be “vulnerable“.  So then, what do the pro-vaxxers care if others are not vaccinated???  It’s our body and our choice and we are literally doing no harm to others!  Those who choose to be ignorant of these things and trusting of the politicians, even though they know they are corrupt, and lie to us all the time, well they will have the reward they believe in. Yet, I have little doubt that these same lying politicians and media hacks will seek to place blame for all the millions of deaths the vaccine will generate upon those who were wise enough to avoid the poisoned needle, as too many are too scientifically challenged mentally and easily programmed to believe whatever lie they spin out.


I’m just trying to help those who may not yet realize the danger they are giving themselves over to.  But as it is written in Solomon’s proverbs, “A prudent man sees evil and hides himself, the naïve proceed and pay the penalty” & “A wise man is cautious and turns away from evil, but a fool is arrogant and careless” & “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel.”


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