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YouTube could not legitimately censor this video, so they put a deterring “age-restriction” on it.  Click on “Watch on YouTube” above.  Much of the youth has been so dumbed down, propagandized and pre-programmed about how to think that many do not even know who Adolph Hitler was! Neither are they aware of the atrocities he and the Nazi government committed against humanity during the Second World War 75 years ago.  


In this video (, Ray Comfort walks the streets and asks people some challenging questions about their views and what would they do if faced with the same decisions the Nazis gave to the people of Germany.  Some of the answers he received may well shock you, but it helps the viewer see what people are really thinking.  Additionally, it should help the viewer understand why the elite do not want the current generation to know how the Nazis accomplished the evil they perpetrated upon humanity, because they cannot accomplish their goal of world domination, if people will not willingly follow and obey the chain of command/obedience they have put in place to kill, steal and destroy.  Don’t let the thought controller control you!

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Josh McDowell Ministries – Christian apologist (a former atheist who set out to disprove Christianity and the Bible) Josh McDowell helps people find real answers to the tough questions about God and life.  If you would like to see the evidence for why the Christian faith is objective, verifiable and real, then check out this website (especially the FREE videos section).

Lee Strobel’s website – A website with a great deal of FREE information for the investigative mind that demonstrates why the Bible should be believed.  Lee Strobel is also a Christian apologist (a former atheist who set out to disprove Christianity and the Bible) but from the position of an investigative journalist with a legal background.

101 Scientific Evidences – A fact filled list of support for the Bible’s divine origin and authority.

Answers in Genesis – This website provides articles from many top scientists around the world who all confirm that real science supports creation and a very powerful and intelligent Creator!

Got Questions?   Another good source for having some of your Bible (spiritual) questions answered.  Also try:

Wall Builders – Historian David Barton reveals the true history of Americas past, which is a far cry from anything close to what is being proclaimed and taught today. 

The IMF Special Drawing Rights CalculatorThe future of the world’s money SDRsWhen the Euro and Dollar are collapsed in 2012, the IMF’s Bancor and the digital SDRs are scheduled to become the new money.  You can find any current exchange rate for fiat money and bullion by entering an amount into the box in front of the subject of your interest.  Currently, my link is set for one dollar, which allows me to see the value of everything else in comparison to it.

Kitco live – bullion market quotes.

Archaeological Evidence Demonstrating The Reality Of God and the truth of the Bible!

The Real Evidence For The EXODUS!

The American Dream (Rated PG-13, for language)


You Are Deliberately Being Drugged And Poisoned – and you are likely too intellectually numb to care, because that is the affect this poison has on people!  Hint: It’s being put in our water supply!  Even though JAMA and other Medical Professionals have warned against its harm!

Large amounts of harmful SQUALENE to be put into vaccines.  It helps accelerate a pathogens ability to overcome the immune system.  When this is combined with the new mRNA vaccines that produce deadly BINDING ANTIBODIES, the vaccinated will soon have no chance of survive, outside of a miracle.  Inform yourself of the very real dangers before you let them stab you with the needle.  Shot to the arm = shot to the head, either way you are dead.

“The Cave” – How the human mind is control.