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    Hi, I'm Terrance G. Johnson.  I started life in Oregon and  I've been transplanted in Texas for over 40 years now.  I was born again in February 1980, when I finally realized that I needed to really make sure I was right with God, through Jesus Christ. I was brought up in an average middle class American home that was secular in its internal worldview, with the outward facade of liberal/secular/nominal/social Christianity.  It wasn't until I was twenty-one years old that I found out what it meant to have a authentic and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, through repentance and faith in Christ's finished work on the cross.  My encounter with God was very real, with my eyes being instantly opened to the spiritual world.



    It was at that point of conversion the Bible came alive for me, e.g. it literally became the living word that began to transform my life. Prior to this divine meeting and experience with Christ, the Bible had been viewed as a nice, but unimportant book that I had never desired to take seriously. Almost immediately, God placed a burning desire within me to understand the biblical prophetic passages that related to the end of this age and the return of Jesus Christ to Earth. For over three decades now, I have devoted a great deal of study to a careful understanding of the prophets' messages, learning how to interpret their sayings, according to the pattern that the Bible, itself, has already established for us. The unique difference of my  teaching concerning biblical prophecy is that I insist we all must stick to the Bible's blueprint for interpretation if we wish to even have a hope for understanding things correctly.


    Later, I discovered information that demonstrated how the world was being manipulated behind the scenes by the powers and principalities of darkness, ironically, to achieve the very things that the biblical prophets foretold would take place long ago. Although, these things do confirm many of the biblical prophecies, they should be considered extracurricular reading to simply extend one's insight. In other words, it is okay to be aware of what the devil and the world are doing, but not to the point you become absorbed by what they are up to. Our main focus should be primarily stayed on what God is doing and obeying Him via respecting the authority of His word to us, the Bible. This website is dedicated to share much of the good knowledge I have come across and learned, to make it easier for those interested to find this important and great information in one place. At least it is a good starting point for those who are new to looking into these topics.





    George Orwell was extremely insightful to what global socialism would actually be like (an oppressive totalitarianism) - which is quite the opposite of what it is currently being advertised as, by the government and mainstream media; socialism (e.g. a political system that is a superior benefit for all of mankind).
  My counter to that would simply be: Since when?



     History Professor Ralph Epperson's The Unseen Hand and Larry Abraham's The Greening draw back the curtain on world history and show what really happened, what's really going on now and who is actually behind the scenes manipulating and orchestrating the major events in the world.   These books are extremely well documented - eye-openers!

Learn about THE BUILDERBERGS' plans for a NEW WORLD ORDER, by destroying freedom and prosperity for the masses.  Click Here: http://www.pacinlaw.org/media/obama_deception.html


    I developed an interest in logical thought, history and science after I was introduced to Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell. Mr. McDowell, a former atheist, took up the challenge to examine and disprove the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, in order to disprove it and ultimately silence the Christians that he despised.  However, when McDowell did his research, he was overwhelmed by the many undeniable historic and prophetic proofs that he discovered, which demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that the very unique resurrection of Jesus Christ was indeed true! It radically changed him, because he submitted his life to Jesus Christ and found the peace that surpasses all understanding.  McDowell's work taught me to think rationally and understand my faith logically and objectively, which opened the door for me to love the Lord with my mind, as well as my heart.



    Later, I began to study creation science. I learned from many excellent scientists that good science actually confirms the Bible, which is the opposite of what the secular world had repeatedly told me within a multitude of its false claims.  Among many organizations and scientists, Ken Ham and the AnswersinGenesis.org team had a positive influence on me in this area, as have done a phenomenal job in bringing many of these truths to light for the public to consider, despite enormous opposition to allow them to share good science freely in the public arena.


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